Make your designs *pop* with Popicons

Bring life & personality to your projects.

Line, solid & duotone

Seamlessly switch between three distinctive styles using Figma's intuitive variants feature.

Smart search

Every icon is tagged in detail, ensuring you locate the icon you're looking for instantaneously.

Hand-crafted in Figma

Each icon is crafted with patience, striking a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical utility.

Monthly updates

Every month, freshly baked new icons are rolled out and delivered straight to your inbox.

Standard size & stroke

Icons are using a 20px grid, with a 1.5px stroke, ensuring optimal readability in all sizes.

Clean & optimized

Stripped of any superfluous attributes, leaving just the essential shapes for a streamlined look.

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Single purchase for lifelong access.

Single purchase for lifelong access.

Get Popicons
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Free & open-source
Line, solid & duotone styles
Regular monthly updates
New icons (added monthly)
Figma file, SVG's & web font-family
Use on unlimited projects
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19.99 / month€199
Missing or need unique icons? All you gotta do is ask, and I draw & deliver.
Request up to 2 icons per week
Access to Popicons VIP Discord
Deliveries in all three styles
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Custom icon set
from 499
Icons designed for your brand, and your brand only.
Bespoke & unique
Icons that follow your brand
By a designer of Popicons
Figma file, SVG's & web font-family
Use on unlimited projects
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Need icons to animate?

Make your products truly stand out with lightweight lottie animations.

On scroll, hover, loop

Trigger animations just when you need them, or simply set them to loop.

Works with all tech

Webflow, Framer, React, Vue, jQuery, iOS, Android — you name it.

Lottie format

Tiny, high-quality, scriptable, interactive, and can be manipulated at runtime.

Cheer zone

Where kind words and memories meet.

One of the keys to making great things is iteration and refinement. Sticking with it, taking just one more pass until it's there is often the difference between good and great. Popicons is a beautiful such example.

Josh Puckett

Co-founder at Upperstudy, prev. design lead at Dropbox

I was looking for an icon set that could convey a more playful side to my brand. Popicons is the perfect fit, and Filip's customer service has been above and beyond.

Matthew Lee

Founder at

Crisp design is hard. I can both see the details and appreciate the work. Well done.

Boban Dedovic

Psycholinguist & technologist

Love the smoothness!

Lorenzo de Lijser

Product designer & developer

Time with dedication = Quality 🔥

Masum Parvej

Head of design, Halal Lab

They are really nice, I love it! ❤️

Pierre Jacquel

PhD student in behavioral economics

Simple and elegant.

Patrick Harrington


Super rounded and friendly. Great look!


Designer & developer

Much more in less!


Tech Consulting

When this icon set drops it’ll be a game changer!

Daniel Cranney

Developer, designer & teacher